No Rules

Real First Date | Kol & Katherine 

Katherine’s answer caused a genuine smile to play across Kol’s lips. When she asked what he wanted he let out a light chuckle. Initially he thought of what he wanted most and happiness was definitely up there. He took a moment to think over his answer though. He wanted to be as real as possible with her. He realized that he asked Katherine a lot of serious questions, but he couldn’t help it. She was the first person he actually wanted to get to know on a deeper level.

“To be myself. Completely.” He said honestly. “There’s not many people that get to know me, who I really am, and I guess before I die I want to say I was able to completely be myself.” He was being vulnerable, but he didn’t mind. He felt that it was safe to be like that with Katherine.

Katherine returned Kol’s smile, glad that he understood her answer for what it meant and not what it might sound like. “Huh.” She mumbled softly upon hearing his reply, it was one she hadn’t expected from him and one she was sure that not everyone would have given if asked the same question. “Well, as far as I know, I think you’re doing a good job.” She chuckled lightly. 

His answer seemed real and honest and she was glad of that considering her own answer had been the same. It had made her a little curious but then again, so did many things that Kol told or said to her. No matter how much she got to know him, there was a side of him that always seemed to remain a mystery.