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Real First Date | Kol & Katherine 

Kol let out a light chuckle and shook his head. “Not what I would consider dating.” He furrowed his brows as he thought of the best way to explain it to her. “There have been women that I’ve seen, but no one I’ve ever really dated the way I’m dating you. I know, it doesn’t seem normal, but it’s true. I just never really saw the point of being tied down to one person, and I guess you’re just different.” He said with a smile.

“Good, you should be. Because I don’t just tell this sort of thing to anyone.” He leaned back against the bench and smiled at his own thoughts. “I guess I like my privacy, but I like you invading it more than anything.” He chuckled before turning his head to her. “You’re not freaked out are you?” He asked with a smile forming out of the corner of his mouth.

Katherine nodded her head knowingly, her earlier assumption had clearly been right. She didn’t think any less of him for it, after all if all guys had the option of not having to date she was sure that they’d all take it at least once. “It’s not that it doesn’t seem normal, I think any guy would jump at the chance. It’d be living the dream for a lot of them.” She said with a small shrug of her shoulders and a light chuckle. Her smile widened considerably as he said that she was different, her eyes acquiring a glow as they brightened. “I hope that’s a good different and not a weird one.” She joked with a soft giggle.

As he sat back, she subconsciously did the same, crossing one slender leg over the other and getting comfortable as she looked sideways at Kol. She grinned at his words and held her hands up. “Hey, I’m not invading anything, you just tell me thing. I can’t help being easy to talk to.” She joked again, another soft chuckle passing through her lips. 



Real First Date | Kol & Katherine 

Kol smiled at her words. He wasn’t sure if she was completely joking or not, but it made him feel better just to hear them. “I have to be honest…” He started as they got closer to a bench. Once they reached the bench he sat down and pulled her down to sit next to him. “I’m not good at this.” He finally said. “Dating, I haven’t really dated anyone before so this is really new to me.” He said letting out a light chuckle.

He wanted to be honest with her. He wanted to believe that he was right to think that she was different from everyone else. His siblings didn’t seem to share his same thoughts, and it sucked for him. He wanted to prove them wrong. He never really ‘dated’ anyone, and he wanted Katherine to know. He wanted her to see how special she was to him.

Katherine’s eyes remained on Kol’s as they neared the bench, even as he pulled her down to sit beside him. Her eyebrows rose and her eyes widened in utter shock at his words. “You’ve never dated?” She asked both surprised and dubiously. “How is that even possible? I mean, you’ve had girlfriends right? I find it very hard to believe that you’ve never done this before.”

She shook her head gently at him for a moment, still in disbelief that someone like him had never dated. Then again, maybe his good looks had given him the advantage of not needing to, it wouldn’t surprise her. “Well, if it helps, you’re very good at it and I am very flattered.” She replied honestly with a genuine and sweet smile.


Real First Date | Kol & Katherine 

Katherine’s answer caused a genuine smile to play across Kol’s lips. When she asked what he wanted he let out a light chuckle. Initially he thought of what he wanted most and happiness was definitely up there. He took a moment to think over his answer though. He wanted to be as real as possible with her. He realized that he asked Katherine a lot of serious questions, but he couldn’t help it. She was the first person he actually wanted to get to know on a deeper level.

“To be myself. Completely.” He said honestly. “There’s not many people that get to know me, who I really am, and I guess before I die I want to say I was able to completely be myself.” He was being vulnerable, but he didn’t mind. He felt that it was safe to be like that with Katherine.

Katherine returned Kol’s smile, glad that he understood her answer for what it meant and not what it might sound like. “Huh.” She mumbled softly upon hearing his reply, it was one she hadn’t expected from him and one she was sure that not everyone would have given if asked the same question. “Well, as far as I know, I think you’re doing a good job.” She chuckled lightly. 

His answer seemed real and honest and she was glad of that considering her own answer had been the same. It had made her a little curious but then again, so did many things that Kol told or said to her. No matter how much she got to know him, there was a side of him that always seemed to remain a mystery. 

Real First Date | Kol & Katherine 

The vampire laughed at her words, but didn’t say anything. The mention of her blood made him think of the night that he bit her, and he felt the guilt once again. He hated it, but it was a mistake that he would have to live with. “What’s one thing you want the most out of life Katherine?” He asked looking down at her curiously. He wanted to know everything about her.

Katherine looked at Kol curiously when he asked his question, it had been random, like most of his questions were but his questions about her always seemed to be rather heavy. Not in a bad way but as if he was trying to get to know the deepest parts of her, parts that weren’t really touched upon in normal conversation. It made her wary when she thought about it, made her realize that she was allowing him to get to know her completely and whilst it was a good thing that he wanted to know this side of her, if anything went wrong it meant that it would probably hurt her more.

"It might sound cliche or cheesy.." She eventually replied after a moment of thought. "But if I had to choose one thing I just want happiness, for myself and the people I love. I guess it’s only to be expected with everything that has happened lately but that’s number on on my list." She smiled and nodded her agreement to her own statement. "What about you, Kol?"

Real First Date | Kol & Katherine 

Kol noticed Katherine pull her jacket tightly around herself as she inched closer to him he put his arm around her and held her close. “Are you sure you’re up for this walk?” He asked with a light chuckle as he continued to walk. “The cold isn’t all bad, but I have to agree, the summer is the best time. The heat, less clothing, it’s all much better than weather that you have to bundle up for.”

Katherine’s smile became a bright grin as Kol held her close, her own arm resting itself around his back. It was odd that he didn’t feel warm but she assumed it was because of the cold air around them and had soon forgotten about it. She chuckled lightly at his comment and nodded her head. “It was warm in the restaurant. Just a bit of a shock stepping out into the cold. I’ll be fine in a minute. I always feel cold, my mom used to say that I must run on hot blood and that it was the only explanation for everything seeming cold.” She chuckled softly once more, smiling fondly at the memory of her mother staring at her in shock when she would often state that the house was freezing whilst her mom was too hot. 

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